Industrial Coating

Building the Dream Project with Care

The Steelbuild Infra Project was founded by a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise in Steel business. The vision of SSIP is to become the pioneer in the field of serving and maintaining Industrial, Commercial & Residential sector with our major specialization in:

  • Long-lasting AMC Services
  • Best Suited Cleanliness Services
  • Addition/Deletion in existing PEB sheds
  • Architectural Services

SBIP Black & White: Revolution in the Coating Industry

Especially for the PEB industry, Steelbuild infra has introduced coating material for water leakage. With the brand SBIP-Black & White, the team here is the first one to introduce a perfect liquid coating system in the Indian Market.

The scientific and advanced technologies bring opportunities for revolutionizations in the construction industry. Our vision is to provide Eco-friendly, high quality and cost-effective products to all our clients.

SBIP BLACK: Most Promising Waterproof Coating

The features of SBIP Black coating includes:

  • Scientific blend of synthetic resins, selected minerals and fillers
  • Protective and waterproof coating with high performance
  • Easily dries to better elasticity, flexibility, impermeability in waterproof coating

SBIP WHITE: The Solid Coating

The features of SBIP White Coating Includes:

  • Synthetic resin-based waterproof coating with excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature
  • Single pack, very economical and pollution-free waterproof coating
  • The white colour gives excellent solar insulation capacity

What Would You Get?

  • Easy, direct (cold applied), and seamless application with no-heating or joint requirements.

  • Provides an impervious waterproofing coating that protects steel structure against leakage.

  • Corrosion resistant and vapour barrier.

  • Life and durability of the structure is maximised with ease in application

  • No heating or mixing required

  • Lightweight compared to conventional roofing systems, thereby reducing the load on roofs

  • Lowered labour cost due to ease, simplicity and quick application

Surface Preparation

  • The application surface must be clean and free from dust grease and loose particles.

  • The surface may be damp but not saturated.

  • Apply one coat of STIP-Black PRIMER, diluting Ikg STIP.B with 21t water, on a well-prepared surface.

  • STIP.B should be stirred well before use.

  • It is recommended that 1 - 2 coats should be applied depending upon the degree of protection required after the primer coat.

  • Brush, roller or sprayer can apply STIP.B.

Application Method in 5 Steps

  • After the primer coat is completely dried apply two coats of STIP.B.
  • It is recommended to apply the 2nd coat after the 1st coat is totally dried.
  • For better results use GLASS FIBRE REINFORCEMENT embedded into 1st coat of STIP.B while still wet.
  • STIP.B could be diluted up to 15 — 25 % for 1st coat and 10 — 15 % for 2nd coat to make material workable and get the desired coverage.
  • All brushes and tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.


Base Appearance      Single component, Special resin based

Colour      White

Consistency      Paste like, thixotropic

Solid Content      65 % (C-836 & C-898)

Viscosity      Viscous

Elongation At Break      Appx. 350% (ASTM D-2370)

Cured Film      Flexible, elastic andtough

Touch Dry      Appx. 2 hours

Bend Strength     1116th in cylindrical mandrel test

Bond Strength      60 psi

Flash Point      Non-inflammable

Water Tightness      Excellent

Chemical Resistance      Single component, Special resin based

Insulation Properties      Single component, Special resin based

Roof Proofing      Excellent

Solar Reflection      90%

Coverage      1.2 Kg/ m2 in 2-3 Coats to achieve DFT of 1.0 mm