Industrial Coating

Steelbuild Infra Project founded by a team of professionals who are expert & experienced for more than 10 years in the Steel business. SBIP is established with a focus vision to be a pioneer in the field of maintenance and servicing the Industrial, Commercial & Residential sector, we specialize in the following work:

  • One time repairing solutions of PEB Buildings
  • Long-lasting AMC Services
  • Best Suited Cleanliness Services
  • Addition/Deletion in existing PEB sheds
  • Architectural Services


Steelbuild Infra Projects has newly introduced the coating material for water leakage in PEB industry. With the brand name of SBIP.- Black & White. Steelbuild Infra Projects is the first introducer of the perfect Liquid coating System in the Indian Market. Our scientific and advanced technologies bring winds of change to revolutionize the construction industry. Our vision is to provide Eco-friendly, high quality and cost-effective products to our respected customers.



STIP.B is a scientific blend of synthetic resins, selected minerals and fillers. STIP.B is a protective and waterproof coating. It is a high-performance coating that dries to elastic, flexible, impermeable waterproof coating.



SBIP.W a special synthetic resin-based waterproof coating. Due to its excellent flexibility and thixotropic nature, it is an ideal product for vertical and horizontal surfaces. It is a single pack, very economical and pollution-free waterproof coating. Because of its white colour, it has excellent solar insulation capacity.


+ Easy and direct (cold applied) application, no pre heating required Seamless, no joint.

+ Provides an impervious waterproofing coating that protects steel structure against leakage.

+ Corrosion resistant and vapor barrier.

+ Life and durability of the structure is increased. Easy application.

+ No mixing or heating required.

+ Lightweight compared to conventional roofing systems, thereby loading on the roofs is reduced.

+ Provides seamless and joint free seal through out the surface.

+ Lower labour cost due to easy, simple and quick application, leading to early completion and time saving.

+ Provides insulation due to solar reflection. Excellent bonding to most building material.


The application surface must be clean and free from dust grease and loose particles. The surface may be damp but not saturated. Apply one coat of STIP-Black PRIMER, diluting Ikg STIP.B with 21t water, on a well-prepared surface. STIP.B should be stirred well before use. It is recommended that 1 — 2 coats should be applied depending upon the degree of protection required after the primer coat. Brush, roller or sprayer can apply STIP.B.


After the primer coat is completely dried apply two coats of STIP.B. It is recommended to apply the 2nd coat after the 1st coat is totally cured. For better results use GLASS FIBRE REINFORCEMENT embedded into 1st coat of STIP.B while still wet. STIP.B could be diluted up to 15 — 25 % for 1st coat and 10 — 15 % for 2nd coat to make material workable and get the desired coverage. All brushes and tools should be cleaned with water immediately after use.


Base Appearance      Single component, Special resin based

Colour      White

Consistency      Paste like, thixotropic

Solid Content      65 % (C-836 & C-898)

Viscosity      Viscous

Elongation At Break      Appx. 350% (ASTM D-2370)

Cured Film      Flexible, elastic andtough

Touch Dry      Appx. 2 hours

Bend Strength     1116th in cylindrical mandrel test

Bond Strength      60 psi

Flash Point      Non-inflammable

Water Tightness      Excellent

Chemical Resistance      Single component, Special resin based

Insulation Properties      Single component, Special resin based

Roof Proofing      Excellent

Solar Reflection      90%

Coverage      1.2 Kg/ m2 in 2-3 Coats to achieve DFT of 1.0 mm