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Steelbuild offers a Strong and cost-effective profile and was developed specifically for roofing applications to extend support towards pre engineered building construction needs.

With exceptional aesthetics and superior durability, SteelBuild’s Roofing solutions ensure that you get a continued assurance of quality, reliability, and integrity. Our roofing sheets have developed specifically for roofing applications with high tensile strength.

Steelbuild roofing sheets come with pre-defined characteristic set inclusive of:

Metal Panels

In the context of Roofing sheets, metal panels have been considered the most attractive availability of all that contributes to the best features in the Metal Building System. The ‘Panel ‘ here is the metal skin that is used in the rool panel, interior roof, fascia panels, partition panels, soffit panels and more.

Acoustics Characteristics

What's even better about Steelbuild Roof sheets is the use of wall cladding that can go extremely well with optimal thermal and acoustics characteristics. Further, they also go well with the inside cladding system to use as Sandwich panel systems.

Thermal Adaptation

The most operating expense in any building’s infrastructure is the heating and cooling process which makes it inevitably important for all buildings to have a good thermal adaptation. Steelbuild offers metal building roll insulation with guaranteed lamination or reinforced foil kraft if not metal kraft vapour scrim barrier. It has been evident that metal building insulation extends low thermal conductivity value.

We have been catering to pre-engineered metal building requirements of roofing sheets for multiple projects that include Industrial, commercial, homes, malls, offices and more. The product has been featured for the architectural roof. They are available in premium colour coatings like siliconised polyester. Architectura; polyester and more and proper galvanisation.

All roof sheets come with customizations like trims, fasteners, flashings that are made out of substrates and coatings.

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