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Steelbuild offers a strong and cost-effective cladding sheet profile developed specifically for concealed fastener panels with a sculptured valley shape between the major ribs for a superior architectural look for external walls.

SteelBuild’s Cladding sheet gives more coverage, strength and stylistic design than traditional Trafford sheet for cladding purposes. Specifically designed for concealed fastener panels with a sculptured valley shape between the major ribs, it surpasses the general quality.

Why not think of buying pre-engineered steel building solutions that help in adding an extra layer of coating to maximise efficiency and care?

Cladded sheets come with material coating in construction equipment primarily for functioning and aesthetical purposes. It satiates the need for control and protection essential in buildings.

Generally, construction material cladding is ensured through materials like plastic, wood, plywood, cedar, wood shingles, Eastern white, redwood and more, but the durability of metallic siding for steel and aluminium is considered most tensile.

Steelbuild Cladding sheets for premium pre engineered building structure solutions come with:

Low Maintenance Needs

Cladding sheet’s most prominent advantage is the minimal efforts it requires in comparison to the traditional method of painting to provide coating. Steel cladding does not require anything more than washing to renew freshness and newness.

Safety and Protection

Protection is the primary purpose of cladding. From helping increase the structure’s mechanical strength to improving resistance to cracking temperature change, it helps extensively in reduced water absorption, increased sunlight and chemical resistance to protection against rain, moulds and strong winds.

Aesthetic Value

Bored of the drab structure? Want to add something better looking? Here’s the solution! Cladd transformations have been evident in enhancing the aesthetic appearance to increase the market value of the property. Every type of aladdin somehow adds value to the building facade at a certain level.

Steelbuild cladding sheets come in an array of colours for you to have a dense range of selective options.

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