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The prominent characteristic of a well engineered building includes the inclusivity of agile and contemporary features.

A standing seam roof is a concealed fastener roofing plan with trapezoidal or vertical legs that consists of a flat space in the middle. The panels attached to the substrate with clips and concealed fasteners disallowing screws to penetrate the metal roofing panel.

With its history in commercial building preferences, the high tensile strength and durability has made it common amongst residential buildings structures too.

The advantages of Standing Seam Roofing System Includes:


Standing seam roofs have been popularly called the lifetime roof because of its efficacious life duration ranging between 20 to 40 years. It might be a considerable investment, it better falls in the category of sustainable investment. It would sustain the entire livelihood.

Fire Resistance

These roofs have a considerable level of fire resistance. With a lightning strike or fire, they do not spark or ignite into flames and as a result the space is well secured from all sorts of external fire incidence.

Lightweight and Aesthetic Appearance

Besides being better at longevity and fire-resistance, it also offers ultra-fine aesthetic appearance of the interiors. While looks and subjective to varying interest levels, it has been considered the most good-looking option amongst all the available ones. Also, the roof is seamlessly lightweight.

Steelbuild offers standing seam systems with double lock (360 degree) standing seam, eliminates the risk of leakage at fasteners at the side and end laps due to the concealed fastening systems and provides all-weather projection. Shop for the best pre-engineered infra products.

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Specifications of the Material
Suitable Material PPGL 345 Mpa
Width of the raw material 610mm 760mm
Thickness 0.5-0.7mm

Specifications of the Machine
Roller Stations About 12 Stations
Machine Structure Wire-electrode cutting frame
Roller Material ASTM1045 chrome plated surface
Cutting Pre Cut
Body Type Container Fixed
Seaming Machine 360 Degree

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