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Looking for the most suitable floordeck alternative, Deck Sheet from Steel Build acquaints you with various decking sheet profiles, features, and advantages through application.

Being the best pre-engineered building manufacturers, we have the responsibility of providing the best options contributing to a solid infrastructure.

Decking sheets are durable and efficient alternatives given their embossment, ribs, and easy binding capabilities with concrete slab to blend and form part of the floor structure. With deck sheets the requirement for concrete slab decreases that further helps in reducing costs.

Steelbuild deck sheets are used in multi-story buildings such as car showrooms, warehouses, offices, and industrial buildings. These deck sheets are being used as permanent shuttering to support the concrete and help in creating composite slabs and floor beams.

From operational, strategic to economic advantages, Decking Sheets have great surviving capabilities and are considered one of the best options in the long run. Some of them are listed below:

Reduced Construction Cost

The composite slab’s tensile strength reduces the thickness of the slab and building’s deadweight, thus, thereby lowering the construction cost at significant levels.

Quantity, Pace and Durability

Besides expediting the construction pace, Decking Sheets are considered the most suitable option up to a four-metre space. As a result, the amount of steel required goes enormously down. The strength and durability of Deck sheets are strong enough to make it stand against twisting and wrapping over time.

Resilient and Withstanding

The sheets are resistant towards moisture build-up and damage due to weather conditions working as a permanent shuttering and composite member. Thus, in multi-floor and multilayer obstruction plans, the sheets can stand without requiring any additional or external support.

The sheet provides the widest cover per weight of steel and reduces the reinforcement requirement.

Decking Sheets prove to be a convenient and economical option. In case you want to leverage it for commercial and residential buildings, the Steelbuild infra services will cater to the righteous understanding of sizes, applications, types, and more.

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